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Audiobooks updated

Bible Covers updated

Recommended Books

The Picture Bible by Chariot Books The Picture Bible
by Chariot Books
from David C. Cook Publishing Company

This is a beautiful, eye-catching picture Bible story book that looks sort of like comics. It's a hardcover book. My kids love it. It takes you through the whole Bible. It's the first book my 10-year-old learned to read from. We read to her every night from this book and one night she surprised us, asked for the book, and started reading the next page to us. It had some pretty tough words like "soldier" on it. We were dumbstruck!

Egermeier's Bible Story Book
by Elsie E. Egermeier
Published by Warner Press

May I also recommend this is a wonderful book containing 312 stories, covering the entire Bible in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation. It also contains 122 beautifully done full-color illustrations. The stories are Biblically accurate, yet short enough for bedtime reading. If you can only have one Bible story book... this is it! (Hardcover)

A Child's Book of Character Building
Growing Up in God's World - At Home, at School, at Play (ages 3-7)

by Ron and Rebekah Coriell

Character Booklet: Attentiveness
Character Booklet: Diligence
Character Booklet: Gratefulness
Character Booklet: Obedience
Character Booklet: Orderliness
Character Booklet: Truthfulness

Character Sketches, Volume One
Character Sketches, Volume Two
Character Sketches, Volume Three
Character Sketches, Three Volume Set

Left Behind Kids' Series

Kids' Paperback Series updated

  1. The Vanishings
  2. Second Chance (Spanish)
  3. Through the Flames (Spanish)
  4. Facing the Future (Spanish)
  5. Nicolae High (Spanish)
  6. The Underground (Spanish)
  7. Busted! (Spanish)
  8. Death Strike (Spanish)
  9. The Search
  10. On the Run
  11. Into the Storm
  12. Earthquake!
  13. The Showdown
  14. Judgment Day
  15. Battling the Commander
  16. Fire from Heaven
  17. Terror in the Stadium
  18. Darkening Skies
  19. Attack of Apollyon
  20. A Dangerous Plan
  21. Secrets of New Babylon
  22. Escape From New Babylon
  23. Horsemen of Terror
  24. Uplink from Underground
  25. Death at the Gala
  26. The Beast Arises
  27. Wildfire
  28. Mark of the Beast
  29. Breakout!
  30. Murder in the Holy Place
  31. Escape to Masada
  32. War of the Dragon
  33. Attack on Petra
  34. Bounty Hunters
  35. Rise of False Messiahs
  36. Ominous Choice
  37. Heat Wave
  38. Perils of Love
  39. The Road to War
  40. Triumphant Return

Kids' Audio CD Series updated

#1 Left Behind the Kids: Based on Books 1-4
#2 Left Behind the Kids: Based on Books 5-8
#3 Left Behind the Kids: Based on Books 9-12
#4 Left Behind the Kids: Based on Books 13-21
#5 Left Behind the Kids: Based on Books 22-33
#6 Left Behind the Kids: Based on Books 34-40

Kids' Paperback Collections updated

Set #1 Left Behind Kids Collection: Books 1-6
Set #2 Left Behind Kids Collection: Books 7-12
Set #3 Left Behind Kids Collection: Books 13-18
Set #4 Left Behind Kids Collection: Books 19-24
Set #5 Left Behind Kids Collection: Books 25-30
Set #6 Left Behind Kids Collection: Books 31-35
Set #7 Left Behind Kids Collection: Books 36-40

Kids' Hardcover Collections a new addition

Set #1 Taken - Left Behind The Young Trib Force: Books 1-4
Set #2 Pursued - Left Behind The Young Trib Force: Books 5-8
Set #3 Hidden - Left Behind The Young Trib Force: Books 9-12
Set #4 Rescued - Left Behind The Young Trib Force: Books 13-16
Max Lucado

You Are Special
You Are Special
by Max Lucado updated

Hardcover with CD
Spanish Hardcover

Crippled Lamb
   Crippled Lamb
by Max Lucado updated

   Hardcover with DVD
   Board Book
   Spanish Hardcover
   Collector's Edition

Bulletin Board Sets & Resources

Easter Resources

Especially for Teachers

This is a primer on leading children to Christ. Attending first to the biblical basis for child evangelism, the author then discusses the psychological needs and wants of a child, and concludes with a section on methods and techniques.

801 Questions Kids Ask About God with Answers from the Bible: Heritage Builders Family Desk Reference for All Ages
by Anisa Baker, Editor (Focus on the Family)

Are the streets in heaven real gold or just painted with gold?
Do we still have to thank God if we don't like the food?
How does God get the money that I give to Him?

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Bible Story Coloring Sites


Felt Flannelgraph for Bible Story Lessons

Home Education

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Music for Children (Audio & Video)

Acapella Company


Bullfrogs & Butterflies: God Is Great
Bullfrogs & Butterflies: God Is My Friend a new addition
Bullfrogs & Butterflies: I've Been Born Again a new addition
Music Machine: Majesty of God
Music Machine: All About Love
Music Machine: Fruit of the Spirit
Nathaniel the Grublet: A Musical Lesson About Honesty a new addition
Sir Oliver's Song: A Musical Lesson About the Ten Commandments a new addition

Bill & Gloria Gaither

Camp Out Homecoming Kids DVD
Classic Moments from the Bill Gaither Trio; Expecially for Children Vol. 1 Audio CD
God's Zoo Gaither Kids DVD
I'm Something Special Gaither Kids DVD

Brentwood-Benson children's music:
God's Top 10 a new addition
Kids Sing Praise, Volume 1 Audio CD
Sunday School Sing-A-Long Songs
Cedarmont Kids (Over 7 million sold!):

100 Singalong Songs for Kids Audio CD | 3 DVD
Action Bible Songs: 17 Classic Christian Songs for Kids Audio CD | DVD
Baby Bible Songs Audio CD
Baby Christmas Carols 5 Audio CD | Audio CD
Baby Gift Set 3 Audio CD
Bible Singalong 3 Audio CD | Volume 2 Audio CD
Bible Songs DVD | Audio CD
Christmas Carols DVD | Audio CD | Valu-Pak DVD /Audio CD
Christmas Favorites DVD | Audio CD | Valu-Pak DVD /Audio CD
Classic Lullabies Audio CD
Easter Favorites Audio CD
Gospel Action Songs Audio CD
Gospel Bible Songs DVD | Audio CD
Gospel Christmas Songs Audio CD
Gospel Praise Songs Audio CD
Gospel Singalong 3 Audio CD
Happy Hymns Audio CD
Loving Lullabies Audio CD
Platinum Bible Collection 3 DVD
Platinum Collection 5 Audio CD
Platinum Toddler Collection 3 DVD
Playtime Praise Audio CD
Preschool Songs: 21 Classic Songs for Kids DVD | Audio CD
Silly Singalong Collection 3 Audio CD
Silly Songs DVD | Audio CD
Songs of America Audio CD
Songs of Praise Audio CD
Sunday School Songs DVD | Audio CD
The Christmas Story Audio CD
Toddler Action Songs DVD | Audio CD
Toddler Bible Songs Audio CD
Toddler Tunes DVD | Audio CD
Worship for Kids Audio CD Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 | Volume 4

Donut Man:

Integrity Kids:a new addition

Joyful Heart Music (Home of Colby the Computer)

Kids Praise Company:a new addition


Miss Pattycake (ages 1-5):

Stephen Elkins:a new addition

Steve Green:

VeggieTales:a new addition

More Children's Music


Object Lessons

A to Z Object Talks That Teach About the Old Testment: 26 Memorable Messages Your Kids Will Love!: Ages 6-12
Ants Work Best Together
Behold the Man
Big Book of Kid Sermons & Object Talks: 52 Instant Lessons That Children Will Remember
Big Book of No Object Object Talks /CD
Call in the Clowns
Everyday Object Lessons for Youth Groups
Jesus, the Servant King
God's Big Picture Sunday School Kit: Includes Fun Music Games Crafts Object Lessons and a Worship and Praise Time
Learning from the Lizard: Bible Animal Object Lessons
Let the Children Come: Fifty-Two Object Lessons for Children in Worship
Making a Parade for Jesus
Object Lessons: 100 Lessons from Everyday Life (Moody Press)
Object Lessons for a Year: 52 Talks for the Children's Sermon Time
Object Lessons for Junior Work
Open My Eyes
Our Father, Friend of Little Children
Really Big Book of Kid Sermons & Object Talks: 52 Instant Lessons That Children Will Remember /CD
Six Presents from God: Sermons and Children's Object Lessons for Advent and Christmas
Speaking With Signs: Children's Object Lessons for Lent and Easter
The Giant Book of Children's Sermons
The Master Has Come
The Roads Jesus Traveled: Sermons and Object Lessons for Lent and Easter
We Are the Church: Children's Object Lessons

You Can Order These Videos Online!

Bible Animated Classics:

Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible:

Greatest Heroes & Legends of the Bible:

Miss Pattycake videos (ages 1-5):

Nest Family videos:

Steve Green videos: a new addition

The Animated Kids Bible videos:

The Donut Man videos:

Veggie Tales videos

Free Online Resources for Children's Ministry (Resources open in a new window)

Children's sermons

ELHM - Sunday school materials to Bible Schools, churches, missionaries and individuals overseas

57 Cents

Free Lesson Plans for Teachers

Sunday school songs

Tel-A-Story - Child Evangelism Fellowship's weekly story script updated

Text and RealAudio children's devotionals by Children's Bible Hour updated

The Bible Poem - memorize the books of the Bible and their content

Public School Resources a new addition

FREE Videos and Films
FREE, online Creation/Evolution Resources
What is legally permissible for students in America's public schools?

Puppet Ministry


Conferences, Workshops & Seminars

Mailing List


Puppets for Sale



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